Upland Game Birds


 The diversity of habitats and unique vegetation types on the HFF lease in South Texas creates an environment that accommodates a variety of upland game bird species. The ranch is home to Bobwhite Quail, Rio Grande Turkeys, Mourning Doves, occasional White-winged Doves, and Chachalacas.


Some consider bobwhite quail as the crown jewel of south Texas upland game birds. Found throughout the region, these denizens of the brush have adapted well to a harsh environment that is frequent with droughts, predators, and in some case less desirable habitat accommodations.

Working dogs or jump shooting, quail are a real challenge. 


The mourning dove is the most important game bird in the United States and Texas in terms of numbers of birds harvested and man-days of recreation provided. Each year approximately 250,000 Texas dove hunters harvest 5,000,000 mourning dove.

The most social of all hunting. Dove hunts are a great way to introduce a child to the shooting sports. Set up a chair along the edge of a cut field and let the fun begin.



Rio Grande Turkey populations are somewhat localized to areas of the ranch with good roosting habitats and reliable water sources.

We only hunt Gobblers during the Spring mating season. Calling from a ground blind proves most effective.


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