Though still relatively unknown to the world outside Texas, those in the know recognize HFF on the El Sauz ranch as a wonderful, secluded semi-tropical destination for anyone interested in abundant wildlife and excellent fishing. Just outside the Port Mansfield Harbor, five minutes from the lodge, begins the expanse of the Laguna Madre, miles of crystal clear water, and white sand beaches. Bank fishing the waterways on the ranch gives great access to less experienced anglers and those who can only get away for an hour or two. On the other side of the island the Gulf of Mexico holds world-class offshore fishing. This proximity and easy access to such bountiful waters has led sports editors and experts to describe Port Mansfield as “one of the best fishing areas in the country”. Populations of local game fish are dependable enough that fishing tournaments are scheduled regularly between March and October, with some months featuring multiple events.


The Laguna Madre is home to abundant populations of Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Snook and many other popular species, including a steady influx of seasonal Tarpon. These shallow waters make sight fishing easy, whether by boat, wading, or casting a line from shore.

Trout prefer to live in shallow bays during spring and summer, and will move into deeper Gulf regions to escape cooler water during fall. The climate in south Texas provides for year-round masses of some of the largest Speckled Sea Trout in the world, frequently reaching sizes of over ten pounds in weight.

Redfish remain in bays while young, before moving into deeper Gulf waters as adults; and weights surpassing 35 pounds are not uncommon here.

Most adult Flounder leave the bays and enter the Gulf for spawning during the winter, returning again in early spring; but many remain behind, continuing to grow and reach sizes up to 13 pounds.

Black Drum spend all their time in very shallow water, and can be landed at weights over 30 pounds. Our guides can get you, by boat or wading, into the best boggy or hard sand bottom areas from which to fill your limits of big fish.


Bank fishing the three waterways of the ranch is a relaxing and productive way to battle some really big fish.

Using live finger mullet caught by cast net or cut bait, Alligator Gar up to 48”, Redfish (many oversized), Black Drum and Blue Catfish are a test on any light tackle.  


A well-kept secret is most anglers do not realize Port Mansfield is one of the closest ports to deep water off the Texas coast.

Our inshore and offshore fishing charters reach into the Gulf quickly, thanks to the short Port Mansfield Channel. Reliable sizes and numbers of Kingfish, Cobia, and Snapper may be caught within sight of the beach; while Blackfin Tuna, Amberjack, Grouper, Mahi-Mahi and Sailfish are often taken within 25 miles of the jetties.

Farther out into the Gulf lurk trophies of larger and more battle-proven species like Blue Marlin, Wahoo, and Yellowfin Tuna.

Charter trips as short as a few hours can bring you great rewards on the bays and in coastal waters, while longer trips can last a full day and even overnight, if your arms and back can take it.

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