White-tailed Deer

White-tailed deer are popular game on El Sauz Ranch. Our deer herd has been managed for sport hunting since 1986 in a traditional low fenced environment with only existing native genetics. No breeding or shooting pens, no trucked-in deer, no introduction of out-of-state deer and no ear tags. This is Texas deer hunting at its natural best!

With our State approved MLD level 3 permit extended fall seasons for whitetail deer offer both rifle and archery hunters over three months of deer season.

Safari style, spot and stalk, corning the senderos or sitting in a blind by a feeder are all popular and highly successful methods of getting your nice buck.

Year round supplemental protein feeding at 19 stations spread throughout the lease.

Whether your South Texas white-tail deer hunts are for family members, old friends getting together or corporate gatherings for clients and high-performance employees, Horn, Fin and Feather membership provides adventures where lifelong memories are made.

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