Released Quail Field Hunts Over Dogs

Birds placed in the field and hunted over dogs to give as authentic a hunting experience as possible, with NO LIMITS, is a great way to entertain your family, guests and clients with a upland bird hunt that everyone will enjoy.Three shooters at a time., larger groups of shooters rotate as the birds are located and flushed. This is as close as we can get to wild bird shooting.

Boxed Birds Quail Shoots

Box bird shoots at the skeet range, day or night.  This is ideal for larger groups.

Daytime shoots are more of a challenge, and offer a more comfortable shoot if the weather is not pleasant.


Novice or Clay Master Blaster, this is an enjoyable activity for all levels. The new regulation skeet field is lighted for night shooting.

Bring the family; it’s a great way to introduce the kids to the shooting sports. Our staff will throw and score for you.


Designed by game shooters for game shooters to provide maximum entertainment for shooters at all levels.

The Huntsman range can simulate any combination that Mother Nature can throw at you: driven pheasant, grouse, partridge, in any possible combination. Its lightning speed, massive throwing distance and random movement will test even the best of shooters and it's a real blast for a group.


A true Birders paradise there are over 330 species of birds known to utilize the diverse habitats found on El Sauz Ranch.

Those interested in birding can download our bird check list................... HERE.


The three main waterways, which all empty into the Laguna Madre offer the paddler mile upon mile of serine exploring

Take along a fishing pole and your bird watching binoculars, it's called HFF multi-tasking.


With over 300 miles of senderos to explore, your search for interesting flora, fauna and scenery can be as wide spread as you wish. There's always something interesting to see just around the next bend.

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